Selasa, 22 Agustus 2017

Plans For Holiday

On a Saturday in TSM, three high school students named Alfina, Figlia, and Asri are having a conversation...

Alfina   : "Guys, holiday is near! I'm so happy! Do you have plans for it?"
Asri      : "Oh yes, I have so many plans for this holiday!"
Alfina   : "Wow, how about you, Figlia?"
Figlia    : "I want to sleep all day long."
Alfina   : "Are you crazy?'
Asri      : "Come on, you must have more plans than that."
Figlia    : "Alright, alright. I want to online shopping! I have saved my money for a while."
Alfina   : "What do you want to buy?"
Figlia    : "I want to buy albums of Blur! I really want The Magic Whip and 13, those albums are fantastic! Oh and I also want to buy Everyday Robots, which Damon Albarn's solo album. It's so emotional and making me cry."
Asri      : "You must love Damon so much."
Alfina   : "I hate him."
Figlia    : "Ugh, shut up Alfina., let me enjoy things. What about you Asri? What are your plans?"
Asri      : "I want to make some comics! I also want to buy new pentab."
Alfina   : "That's a pretty good plan."
Figlia    : "Whoa, pentab is pretty expensive"
Asri      : "I know, but I have saved my money for it."
Alfina   : "None of you guys asked for my plans and I'm sad."
Figlia    : "Good!"
Asri      : "What are your plans anyway?"
Alfina   : "I want to go to Tokyo Disneyland."
Figlia    : "Why do you want to go there? It's far from here."
Alfina   : "Because I heared that park has a lot of cool rides. I want to see sakura flowers as well."
Asri      : "With whom do you go there?"
Alfina   : "With my family, of course! I don't have enough money to go there my self."
Figlia    : "Yeah, Disneyland is great. I want to go there someday, but not now I guess."
Asri      : "Let's pray that all our plans become reality!"

Selasa, 15 Agustus 2017

I Won't Left My Food and Money!

     When I was in the third grade in junior high school, I have an unforgettable moment that makes me very grateful. At the time, I wake up late at 05.30 and then I immediately took a bath. I prepare my school very hurrily. My mom prepares a breakfast and money for me at the dinner table. At 06.00, I should have gone to school, but I just finished wear a uniform. My father screaming, calling my name. I'm going out of the room and hurry wearing the shoes. And then I farewell to my mother and go to school with my father without breakfast.

    At the school, when I want to have breakfast I looking for my food in my bag, but it is nothing. I realized if my food and my money are left at the dinner table. I am confused because I feel very hungry but I didn't bring my food and I don't have money to buy it. I don't dare to tell my friend.I restrain my hungry into time to rest.

    At a break time, when my friend will go to the canteen I 'm very confused and worry because I don't have money. My friend ask me "Do you want to go to the canteen?".I tell it to my friend. And then my friend lends money to me. I'm crying. I'm very grateful and thanks to my friend because they have been helping me in worry situation. In fact, I have been confused what to do because of it the first time I miss the money.

    Finally, I can buy food and I don't hungry again. From the incident, I learn to care.  I won't repeat it again. Thank you.

Selasa, 08 Agustus 2017

Conversation About Meeting New Friend


Before a party...
Figlia   : "Hasya! Hasya! Help me find a bathroom in this room!"
Alfina  : "Are you speaking to me? Sorry, but I'm not Hasya."
Figlia   : "Oh no, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to call you, I'm so sorry!"
Alfina  : "Relax, it's fine!"
Figlia   : "Alright then. May I know your name, please? I don't want our first encounter to be nothing                but awkwardness."
Alfina  : "Sure! My name is Alfina. What about you?"
Figlia   : "My name is Figlia. Nice to meet you!"
Alfina  : "Nice to meet you too. Where are you from?"
Figlia   : "I'm from Padalarang."
Alfina  : "Oh, that's pretty far from here. I'm from Kopo by the way."
Figlia   : "Come on, that's far away from here as well!"
Alfina  : "I never said I lived nearby, haha. Where are your school?'
Figlia   : "My school is 3 High School, located on Belitung Street number 8."
Alfina  : "Oh, you went to the same school as me! By the way, what class are you in?"
Figlia   : "I'm from X Science 12. And you?"
Alfina  : "I'm from X Science 16."
Figlia   : "No wonder why we never met before, our classes aren't on the same flo-Hold on, I have a message on my phone."
Alfina  : "Hey, isn't that Blur? On your lockscreen?"
Figlia   : "Oh my God, you know that band too? How did you know them? Do you like Blur as well?"
Alfina  : " No, I don't like Blur. My sister loves them though.She always plays their songs loudly. I don't know much about them, except for the woohoo song. It's pretty catchy."
Figlia   : "Song 2? I love that song! But Beetlebum is my personal favorite, along with My                                  Terracotta Heart. Ahhhh I love Blur so much!"
Alfina  : "Ugh, I don't know any of those songs!"
Figlia   : "Sorry, I can't contain my love for that band. Hey, the party is about to start!"
Alfina  : "What about bathroom?"
Figlia   : "Oh yes, I forgot! Let's find the bathroom first! Will you help me?"
Alfina  : "Okay, follow me!"

Selasa, 01 Agustus 2017

It's about Me!

Hello, my name is Alfina Fuji Dwi Lestari. You can call me Alfina. I am the second of two children. I was born in Cirebon, 2 December 2001. I am fiveteen years old. My hobby is writting. I'm very quiet person so, if i were on a new environment i would be very quiet and shy.

When i was five years old, i sit in baabussalaam kinderganten. I'm very active and choosy. Everthing that i wanted must be fulfilled. If it were not fulfilled i would cry. But it was changed when i was sit in elementary school. I became a more quiet person because in elementary school i met more friend. In elementary school i have best friend. Her name is Alvia. Me and my best friend went to same junior high school. But our friend ship was ruined because of a problem.

I love writting when i sit in elementary school. Usually i write a lot of songs, but i don't like make a history. I can't author. I have a strengthin sciece subject. I like science subject because explain about nature. My favorite food is all about chickhen. I don't like lodeh soup. I have joined a lot of competition in science subject such as biology olympic, national science olympic.

I think that's enough, thanks for reading, see you next time.